At check-out, if you ordered a variety 3-pack or 2-pack, BE SURE TO INDICATE THE SCENTS YOU WANT US TO INCLUDE! Type the scents in the NOTES SECTION at Check-out! The name of the scents are listed in the product description.  

Mama Sita's Miracle Butter Cream was built on word of mouth marketing. The Miracle Butter Cream is loved by so many that those who use the product can't help but share the amazing results with those they know and love.

Mama Sita built the foundation of her company on rewarding those who continue to spread the word and help get the product into the hands of all people who can benefit from the miraculous results of Miracle Butter Cream

In order for the company to identify and keep track of which sales come from where, please also indicate how you heard about Miracle Butter Cream in the Notes section at check-out. 

Some of the reps for the company are former students of Mama Sita during her time as a culinary instructor for inner city youth in NYC. Those students were the inspiration behind how the product was born. Many of those students had severe cases of eczema and were looking for relief.  They found relief in Mama Sita's blend of exotic butters and oils and most of them are free of eczema symptoms altogether.

Mama Sita chose to empower these former students by allowing them to benefit from spreading the word about the product.  Each participating student will earn a percentage from each sale that they bring to the shop. This product creates economic empowerment for students all while sharing the incredible results of using Mama Sita's Miracle Butter Cream.

Thank you for your purchase & thank you for helping us to empower the young people of our future generation!