5-pack Sampler


Mama Sita's "Miracle Butter Cream" LUXURY Body Moisturizer.

Let us help you decide which Miracle Butter Cream scents will become your favorites. Try 5 mini jars of Miracle Butter Cream’s hydrating skin moisturizer containing 5 different scents.

Or purchase these mini glass jars to take with you on the go. Carry in your purse or briefcase. While on the go, use as a hand cream or as a lip moisturizer. & Re-fill them from your large jar!

There are 2 sampler packs to choose from. Each sample Mini jar is 1/2 oz. And you get 5 sample jars in each sampler pack.

Our most popular scents have been selected for each sampler pack.

Sampler Pack #1
Amber, Peaches n Cream, Honey-Ginger, Lemon-Grass, and Mango Tango

Sampler Pack #2
Vanilla, Grapefruit-Lemonade, White-Tea, Lavender-Chamomile, Rose Water