Foot Repair Cream + Pumice Bar


8oz. Jar Of Peppermint Foot repair cream + Pumice bar with a medium and hard side for exfoliating feet.

Miracle Butter Cream has created a luxury peppermint foot repair cream to get rid of achy, tired, dry feet. This special formula will transform your feet into baby soft heels and toes! It comes with a pumice bar to exfoliate and help remove the dry dead skin on the heels and the balls of your feet and awaken a new layer of soft silky smooth feet.

Our foot repair cream improves dry cracked itchy feet.
Gives quick overnight results.
Rejuvenates and softens tired achy feet.
Smooths out rough cracked heels.
Has a unique natural formula to penetrate deep.
Safe for use by diabetics.

This 100% all-natural PEPPERMINT formula stimulates tired achy feet AND helps to put a pep back in your step.

This raw vegan formula is free of chemicals, parabens, alcohol and mineral oil!

This rich mango butter, cocoa butter, & shea butter combination makes up the base of this luxury skin care product. The vitamins and nutrients in this cream heal the skin and helps to treat dry feet on contact.

After cleansing feet while in the bath or shower and exfoliating the heels and balls of the feet with the pumice bar that’s included, massage a small amount to towel dried feet 2-4 times each day until soft smooth feet are achieved!

The results are astonishing!